Realized projects

LAW OFFICE JORDANOV, VALKOV & PARTNERS LTD. and LEX CONSULTING has its good reason to assert it is one of the leading law firms considering its long and diverse experience acquired in the process of implementation of a large number of deals and projects in different economic fields, the most important of which are:

In the process of privatization LAW OFFICE JORDANOV, VALKOV & PARTNERS LTD. and LEX CONSULTING and/or its partners, individually or on behalf of the company, have participated as consultants in the implementation of numerous projects, the major of them being:
- Preparation of more than thirty legal analyses of different companies;
- Founding and registration of a great number of companies for participation in the privatization of state and municipal enterprises as well as protection of their interests in the negotiation and signing of privatization agreements with the privatizing state authority
Execution of documentation and bids, participation in negotiations and/or consultations related to the privatization of enterprises from different fields:

"ELATSITE MED" EAD - district of Sofia,
"ASAREL MEDET" EAD - Pahagyurishte,
"MONOLIT" EAD - Montana,
"TUNDZHA" EAD - Yambol,
"OSMI MART" EAD - Sofia,
"BALKANSKAL" - Yablanitsa,
"MODUS" EAD - Haskovo
"UNIVERSAL" EOOD - Lyubimets,
"MRAMOR - BERKSTON" EAD - Berkovitsa,
Printing house "TSANKO TSERKOVSKI" - Sofia,
"FENIKS-RESURS" EOOD - Blagoevgrad,
"HEMUS М" EAD - Mezdra,
Water power plant "Cherni Osam" and etc.

Out of the framework of privatization procedures, we have rendered legal assistance for the implementation of a host of deals for restructuring of large enterprises with considerable assets amounting to significant sums in different areas. The most important of them are the acquisition of the assets of the "Plant for processing of non-ferrous metals" AD by the Greek industrial enterprise "HALCOR" in 2000 and the restructuring of "Stomana" AD, Pernik in 2001 within the framework of an open bankruptcy procedure of the company. The total value of these two deals alone is in the excess of 20 million USD. Both projects were nominated for Deal of the Year and the first one won Deal of the Year for 2000. 

We have participated as consultants in the elaboration of a project for restructuring of "Public Transport Company Sofia" LTD, Sofia.

Our office was engaged in the capacity of consultant in the process of execution and funding of our customers' projects by the World Bank (IFC) and the National Bank of Greece. The successful finalization of the projects resulted in more than 150 million Euro worth of investments. 
LAW OFFICE JORDANOV, VALKOV & PARTNERS LTD. and LEX CONSULTING also has considerable experience in the granting of concession rights. It is us the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Bulgaria trusted by assigning the preparation of comprehensive legal, financial and economic, social and ecological analyses of deposits used by:

We have acted as consultants for the registration of commercial discoveries and signing of concession agreements by:

Specialists from our office were employed in the elaboration of a Bill for restructuring the extraction of steel - an assignment of the Ministry of Industry.
We are members of the Legal and Judicial Committee of BIBA - BULGARIAN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION and as such we participate in the discussions on major bills.

LEX CONSULTING has also participated as a consultant in the implementation of investment projects for the construction of various sites. We provided full legal provision of the proceedings for construction of "St. George" Hotel in the resort Borovets, a hotel in the town of Blagoevgrad, an office building of "BULGARIA PLATINUM GROUP" in the center of Sofia as well as a large number of smaller sites in the capital.
We have also acquired considerable experience in bankruptcy proceedings. We were consultants for the bankruptcy proceedings of "Stomana" AD, Pernik, "KOCM", "Tundzha" AD and many more.
The managing partner Yordan Yordanov is inscribed in the list of bankruptcy trustees.

LAW OFFICE JORDANOV, VALKOV & PARTNERS LTD. and LEX CONSULTING was engaged with the complete organization and carrying out of a procedure for awarding a public procurement for implementation of a state-funded project for recultivation of a tailings pond worth 4 million Euro. We have offered advice and rendered legal assistance to our customers in many other procedures for awarding public procurements.

In addition to the above concrete projects, LAW OFFICE JORDANOV, VALKOV & PARTNERS LTD. and LEX CONSULTING has participated in the successful resolution of a great number of important problems for its customers that inevitably arise in the process of work.