LAW OFFICE JORDANOV, VALKOV & PARTNERS LTD. and LEX CONSULTING is specialized in the complete legal servicing of the activity of its customers - Bulgarian and foreign traders and legal entities, trade representation offices, state authorities and non-governmental organizations. In this respect we are specialized mainly in the following fields:

Commercial Law
Incorporation and registration of all kinds of traders and associations of traders, branches and representation offices with the court, respective tax authorities, statistical and security institutes and the chamber of commerce and industry;
implementation and registration of all types of changes, transformations, acquisitions and mergers of traders;
execution of all sorts of commercial agreements and participation in negotiations;
analyses, buying out, restructuring and recovery of enterprises;
consultations on matters concerning the production activity of enterprises related to environmental protection;
legal assistance for obtaining permits and licenses;

Legal advice on bankruptcy-related issues;
procedure representation and legal assistance for filing for bankruptcy;
preparation of applications for filing for bankruptcy;
elaboration of recovery plans and creditor agreements;
laying of collection claims;
representation before the bankruptcy trustee and the creditors' meeting;
appealing of acts in the course of bankruptcy proceedings;
defense in the course of proceedings for encashment of debtor's property;
securing of suitable bankruptcy trustees

Privatization and other investments
Pre-privatization legal and economic analysis of enterprises;
elaboration of privatization offers;
elaboration of strategies and participation in negotiations for successful finalization of privatization procedures;
legal, economic, tax and social analyses of investments in existing and new enterprises, risk analysis;
full legal provision of the investment process;
protection of the investments made

Implementation of full concession analyses;
execution and submitting of offers for grant of rights for search and research and of concession rights;
registration of commercial discoveries;
representation and defense for the entering into and performance of signed concession agreements;
complete legal provision of the whole procedure for granting concession rights and permits for implementation of activities on which there is governmental monopoly;

Public procurement
Legal advice on the effective legal provisions;
preparation of comprehensive documentation on the organization and carrying out of public procurement awarding;
participation in commissions for evaluation and ranking of bids;
execution and submitting of bids and applications for participation in procedures for public
procurement awarding and the accompanying documentation;
representation in the procedures;
appealing of decisions and procedure representation for lodged complaints; 
Protection of competition
Provision of consultations on the effective domestic legislation and international acts on competition protection;
defense for procedures for allowing of concentration activities;
representation for proceedings before the Commission on protection of competition and for proceedings of appealing the latter's acts

Taxation Law
Legal advice on the effective taxation legislations;
defense before the tax authorities;
appealing of tax authorities acts;
procedure representation

Labor Law
Legal advice on the effective labor legislation;
protection of employer's interests;
participation in negotiations for settlement of collective labor disputes;
preparation and representation for the entering into and re-negotiation of collective employment agreements;
legal assistance for the entering into, amendment and termination of individual employment agreements;
representation before the respective control authorities in charge of the enforcement of labor legislation;
procedure representation on labor cases;

Administrative Law
Defense for the preparation and issuance of individual administrative acts;
representation before the administrative authorities;
appealing of administrative acts and procedure representation in administrative cases

Civil Law
Research of the law of estate regime of real estates;
legal provision of the investment process in the construction of residential and office buildings;
deals and representation for deals with real estates, procedures with Notary Public;
consultations on family and inheritance matters affecting the founding and activity of enterprises and the investment process

Procedure representation
Preparation of claims and complaints and initiation of legal proceedings;
procedure representation before all Bulgarian administrative, court and arbitration authorities;
execution of agreements for settlement of pending disputes out of court;